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The Ɍáithold Park Proposal

Ethical Infrastructure and Ecocentric Live-Work Habitation

Ɍáithold Park | An ecocentric live-work habitation for a Collaborative Cooperative I am currently working to formation named An Solas Sí ArtScience. The ASSA CO-OP in overly simplistic terms a stealth manufacturer of durable goods hidden beneath a worker cooperative for media production and performing arts, with said performances acting as experiential demonstrations of goods.

Ethical Imperative | “To Optimize Human Strengths . . .
                                          . . . Accommodate Human Limitations”

A public-private park-space that’s Environmental Psychology (not to be confused with ecopsychology) is expressed through the lens of Clarke’s Third Law, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

  • Such a park, would to the casual observer, appear almost completely barren of the visible buildings and other features commonly associated with modernity.

Production Management Theatres | Dynamic organization under homeodynamic conditions making organized complexity possible, in this case, a suite of hardware, software, wetware infrastructure that aids in Virtual and Live collaborative exploration, experimentation, design, model: a novel or news magazine, stage or screenplay, electric bicycles to sailplanes, a new kind of omelette, a new blouse or skirt.

MakerSpaces |  A recreated Industrial Revolution 4.0 that is a far more humane and socially responsible paradigm that is being popularized. MakerSpaces featuring cyberphysically connected access to, and accountability for use of, various forms of technology and production materials.

LivingSpaces | Refreshment, Recreation, Remediation, Contemplation, and Rest

MΘĐ | Though Transit Oriented Development is the common parlance, our vision of Mobility Oriented Development speaks to a more nuanced perspective focused equitable access to transportation as a system, reducing systemic barriers to creativity and production as well as parasitic costs of living.

This MaaS, or Mobility as a Service is to be integral to the overarching service-level agreement between cooperative constituents and the corporate whole, with the primary aim of constantly assessing each person’s needs and plotting solution for optimal use of shared community and registered personal resources to best meet their needs for transportation and shipping, across multiple transport modes at the lowest cost to the constituent.

Muirén Ní Sídach
She, Her, Founder, Acting CEO, Cooperative Enterprise Architect

Λn Solas Si ΛrtScience Cooperative
Location: USA, CA, Berkeley

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